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Tipoff to Spring Bling 5 Preview (including schedules)

The only way to kick off Spring Break is with Warriors Elite Sports Spring Bling 5.

This epic event-hosted in Houston, Texas - features over 120 teams vying for eight championship titles.

The RYTES Warriors, We All Can Go, Arkansas Hawks, St. Louis Ramey, Deron Williams Elite are organizations far-and-away the most talented programs in the field, but there are some teams looking to kick off the Spring with beating on some teams in the Spring Bling.

With tons of games during a 48 hour stretch, this promises to be one of the best Spring Bling yet.

Download Schedules Here

Where: Alice Johnson Jr. High, West Houston Indoor Soccer Club, Auguirre Jr. High and Channelview HS

When: Saturday, March 8 - Sunday, March 9, 2014

Watch: Houston Sports Access

The following young prospects have taken the youth basketball scene by storm. This was expected, as these prospects are ranked by nearly every national recruiting service such as HoopScoop Online, Future 150 and Middle School Elite.

All eyes will now be on these prospects as they try to lead their respective teams to the 2018 championship in Spring Bling 5. With the talent on these teams surrounding these student athletes, it will be up to them to focus ad get their team to the championship game.

6'9" Marvin Bagley PF - We All Can Go

He has everything you'd expect from an athlete of his size. He can chase down blocks, slam, weak-side blocks and he can dunk. But what most don't talk much about is his defensive game.

6'2" Jamal Bieniemy Combo - RYTES Warriors

Rank No. 16 on Jr Future 150, No. 71 on HoopScoop and No. 54 on Hoops Report 2018 rankings. Bieniemy is in his sixth year with the Warriors. The 6'2 8th grader has been part of a guard trio for a few years. He was named to Jr Future 150 (#16), HoopScoop (#71) and Hoops Report (#54) ranking lists. Bieniemy is explosive and hard to guard. Play to tight he will have no problem going aroiund you. Give him cushion he will shoot your lights out. He will certainly battle in this deep field and should stand out by the end of the tournament.

5'9" Darius Garland PG - We All Can Go

A fearless floor captain, who is also ranked No. 36 on Jr Future 150, is a joy to watch when he is hounding ball-handlers all around the court. He has the quickness and speed to to get shots off or to set up some of the other players on the floor.

6'1 Antoine Davis SG - Texas Pro

Davis is a gifted point guard because of his speed plus he knows how to use that speed. Davis is good in the open court and he is great in short bursts. He can turn the corner and get to the rim in a snap. Being the son of TSU's Mike Davis and learning from the Texas Pro's system will only improve his game.

6'6" Ethan Henderson PF - Hawks

Jr Future 150's No. 25 prospect is huge at 6'5. The Hawks are known for it's "havoc" style of defense and Henderson is a big part of that full-court defensive team. He can play with his back to the basket and knows how to face up and kock down the mid-range jumper. Henderson is also an elite rebounder on this level.

5'2" Eden Holt PG - RYTES Warriors

No. 54 on Middle School Elite naitonal ranking lists, No. 34 on the Hoop Scoop, and No. 28 on Hoops Report 2018 rankings, this point guard goes beyond his skills and scoring ability. He has one of the best basketball IQs on the 2018 level. His instincts and leadership has allowed Holt to have a 291-31 record with the Warriors since the third grade. Holt serves as an extension of coach Holt on the floor. He knows when to slow the pace and push the tempo to attack weaknesses. Holt has always been one of those point guards who can get a high number of rebounds, because he understands angles and is not afraid to mix it up down low. He is always ready to do the little things to help his team regardless of task.

6'4" Cameron Johnson PF - We Can All Go

Smooth and fundamental comes to mind when you watch Johnson. He's a really good shooter and almost always has his feet set when he makes that picture-perfect jumper.

6'2" Derrick McDonald SF - RYTES Warriors

Whoever that has watched No. 118 on HoopScoops 2018 list, 6'2 McDonald make the evolution from low-post player to perimeter player has seen this powerhouse grow into one of the most productive and valuable member on the 2018 Warrior team. McDonald's energy makes him one of the best rebounders on the team and he thrives on the putback opportunities. He's a good defender and offensive weapon who will remind many of what proto-typical RYTES Warrior look like.

6'4" T.J. Moss Combo - Memphis

No. 29 on Jr Future 150 list, Moss is an overpowering because of his ability with the ball. In NOLA this past weekend, you realize his talent of putting his head down and getting to the rim and his skill of scoring over the top.

6'1" Noah Thomas SG - RYTES Warriors

Thomas, brings hustle and experience to the Warriors in his sixth year with the team. He has a smooth shot and is automatic when he's on. He's been listed on Hoops Report (#119), Jr Future 150 (#35) and HoopScoop (#81) and Warriors will need him to lead them to a possible Spring Bling championship.

6'2' Fred Thatch SF - Team Ramey

Nothing surprising about a straight A-student who averages close to 25 points per game. He's a guy that pushes the pace, hustles and attacks the rim. Looking for Thatch to continue to play like the top prospect that Hoop Scoop (#97) and Jr Future 150 (28) says that he is.

6'5" Reggie Perry - Arkansas Hawks

For folks who don't know, Perry's performances gives you an idea of what both talent and toughness are all about on the Hawks. He is part of an experienced offense which allows him to be a scorer that can get to the rim.

6'4" Berry Sykes PF - Hawks

The Hawks are known for their defense and Berry Sykes can play sound man-to-man defense and a workman's mentality to get rebounds to go with it. We saw him at the NY2LA camp and he was impressive on the defensive side and that should translate into wins once the hawks hit the floor and again, like the rest of the Hawks, Sykes works his tail off on the defensive end. Nice post play makes him a exceptional player on this 2018 level.

5'11" Courtney Ramey PG - Team Ramey

Team Ramey has always been in the coversation regarding this 2018 team, and Ramey being deadly in transition, he creates plenty of points agaisnt set defenses that have a hard time keeping the floor general in front of them.

6'4 " Cedric Washington SF - RYTES Warriors

This No. 31 propect on Jr. Future 150, No. 23 on Middle School Elite and No. 30 on HoopScoop's Report prospect is more than ready to make an impact on youth basketball before he reaches high school. The 6'4 player attacks the rim with aggression. He is a awesome defender and a great rebounder. He also puts on a great display of leadership by his play on the court.

Top Divisions

While the 2018 class have one of the most talented teams particiipating int he Spring Bling 5, the 2019 and the 2020 class also will have classic battles durig the two-day affair.

The division that is flying under the radar but we expect to do very well is 2017 division, with teams like SA Roadruners, New Orleans Rising Stars and OKC Primetime playing battles will play out in pool play.

It's going to be close, but all of the divisions have a great chance of having some surprise champions on that Sunday.

Media Coverage

Warriors Elite Sports is proud to partner with Houston Sports Access to produce and stream an unprecedented amount of games to a city-wide audience during the 5th Annual Warriors Elite Sports Spring Bling in Houston, Texas.

Future 150, and RCSports will also cover the Spring Bling Event with in-depth coverage of the top-ranked talent playing in the games, written accounts of the games and top organizations that are participating with expert analysis of the event.